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Re: CHAT: Rosaries (was: Ave Maria)

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Thursday, June 29, 2000, 5:39
Am 06/28 20:53  Raymond Brown yscrifef:

> Depends whether you mean the full rosary of 150+ beads, or the smaller one > of 50+ normally used by us lay folks :) >
The only real history of the Rosary that I have managed to find is _The Rose Garden Game_. I can't remember the author off hand. It starts with the history of the Catholic rosary but also includes chapters on the rosary in other traditions. I haven't found anything as authoritative yet. Among my re-enactment kit I have a loop of 50 beads separated into groups of ten each. This is similar to the prayer beads that the historic lady Godiva bequeathed to a statue of the Virgin Mary, which is about the earliest reference to the use of the rosary. With this I should be able to recite psalms (three times around), the Paternoster, and the Creed; the Hail Mary not developing until after the period I'm involved with. I sometimes carry it with me and use it to recite the Jesus Prayer through the day. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus