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Re: CHAT: Rosaries (was: Ave Maria)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 22:43
>The full rosary is now normally used only by certain religious orders >where >it forms part of their dress. The rest of us, whether lay or not, in >fact, >normally use the smaller one as since the 16th cent. the common practice >has been to recite only five of the fifteen mysteries at any one time. If >one wants to recite all fifteen mysteries, then you simply go round your >beads three times :)
Just to throw this out there... I asked my mom the ritual with the rosary for lay people and she says it goes like this: At the chain hanging down: - You start at the crucifix at the bottom, you say the act of contrition (my guide book says apostles creed), - at the first bead an our father - three Hail Marys at the three beads - a glory be at the chain dividing the single bead, and at the single bead, an our father. On the loop: - There are five series of ten beads on the loop. For each bead you say a hail mary - there are single beads separating each set of ten beads and at these you say an our father. - at the chain dividing each set of 10 beads from the single beads you say a glory be. It's kind of hard to describe without showing, but that's the basics, according to mom. (any other catholics thing they can illustrate better? _________________________________________________________ This ain't a yes, this ain't a no, just do your thang, we'll see how it goes