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I can think of another stereotype; wasn't that big o' me (was: Re: Mormons (was Re: Survey))

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Monday, March 17, 2003, 17:03
Nik writes:

>Sarah Marie Parker-Allen wrote: >> Southerners who make fun of coastal types and Mormons > >I've never heard anyone make fun of Mormons. > >What *are* stereotypes of Mormons? The only thing that comes to *my* >mind as stereotypes would be somewhat dull, but very >straight-and-narrow-path.
Yeah, that's one, but my stereotype is rabid polygamists. Documentaries abound here constantly decrying the seamy side of Mountain-time-zone polygamy. And in light of the Parker case..., unless you're a landscape photographer, just avoid Utah. Kou


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