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French for "Kingdom" (Was Re: Language naming terminology)

From:Arek Bellagio <zadar@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 22, 1998, 23:39
At 13:10 22/09/1998 -0300, you wrote:
>Nik Taylor wrote: > >How do you say 'kingdom' in French? >
If I remember my words right, 'royaume' is kingdom in French. I'm not sure why it ends in -aume, but I know that it looks like the right word, as 'roi' is king in French (and i -> y when placed before another vowel) So.. if royaume is the incorrect word, anyone have an idea on what the correct one is (so i can memorize the RIGHT word? :P In conclusion, ~Arek - "The pessimist stomps and curses the wind. The optimist whines, but keeps saying how everything can be better. The realist adjusts the sails and doesn't complain." - Kyle Voiles ....Zephyr in the sky at night, I wonder: do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun?....