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Re: Blade II Language

From:J. K. Hoffman <ryumaou@...>
Date:Monday, July 12, 2004, 12:21
Roger Mills wrote:
 > That was Matt Pearson-- they wouldn't meet his price, which we all
 > agreed was reasonable and modest enough under the circumstances.
 > There was quite an extensive thread on the topic 2? 3? 4? years ago,
 > including lots of discussion of the language in Blade I, designed by
 > linguist Victoria Fromkin of UCLA (IIRC), who died and apparently
 > left no notes on it, hence the need for a new language in Blade II.
 > Though I had the impression Matt wanted to expand on the Blade I
 > language.
 > Search the Listserv Archive for Matt Pearson, Blade, maybe Fromkin--
 > that ought to turn up something.
Ah, I hadn't ever connected a name to the story before, though I
remember a past discussion about the price.  I'll dig through the
archive and see what I can assemble.
Does anyone know if they used that as the basis of the language in Blade
II?  Or, due to the "issues" at hand, just go with something new?

Either way, thanks for the info!
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