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Developments in Old Starrish

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Monday, November 17, 2003, 18:31
Those of you with good memories may remember that some time ago, I
introduced a language called provisionally "Old Starrish", where the
consonants carried all lexical and grammatical meaning, and vowels just
added "flavour".  Well, I now have the first (somewhat tentative)
actual words in Old Starrish.  (This is a big deal because I first
started working on this language at least 5 years ago.)

Citation forms of words are vocalised according to an established
pattern... if there are an even number of consonants, it is vocalised
CaC syllables.  If there is an odd number of consonants, the last 3
consonants are vocalised in a CaCaC pattern. If there is only one
consonant, it is vocalised Ca.  The first syllable is stressed.

t.l.d  "star" [talad];
   plural t.l.dh [talaD]

t.l.d.-m "the star people" [taldam]  (The peoples of my world are
divided into 3 major groupings, associated with the stars, the moon,
and the sun; the speakers of "Old Starrish" are the main group of
people within the star-folk)

t.l.d.-n "member of the star people" [taldan];
   plural  t.l.d.-nh [taldan_O]

t.l.d.-m.-g.l "language of the star people" [taldamgal]
   This is the native name of the language.

r.b.d "moon" [rabad]

s.m.r "sun"  [samar]

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