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Re: Re : Re: Artyom Kouzminykh: Answes&proposal

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Monday, August 23, 1999, 16:10
From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html wrote:

> i'll have a try there when i've made up a conlang with an > auxlangesque grammar. same for Tomato, i guess ? > can't wait having fun arguing.
I realize now that the dying researcher was trying to tell me "proto-Mato", not "pro Tomato", and the mystery is now solved. I still have no clue what "mato" means, though.
> the only thing that pidgin lacks are genuine PoS.
Lingua Franca used -r and -t on verbs and participles, which worked well.
> i guess you refer to parsability problem and length of words. > and apparently this is a big problem in your eyes. > so i'd like to convince you it is not.
I think it is magical to see word boundaries disappear as in Chinese and some North American Indian languages. You mentioned this, which is what I really meant: : inflexions are not a problem if you match the word orders : in the sentence and in the lexicalisation.
> i know you too specialize w, y and i don't think that it is any more > artificial than specializing [ ' ] in separating VC.. words (german) or > VC syllables (lojban) or generally having a specific > vowel have a systematic function when stuck at a specific place > (esperanto).
That's true.
> so stop wingeing ;-)
Winging or whining or both? I must keep one.