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Baby conlang L3 needs a name

From:Scotto Hlad <scott.hlad@...>
Date:Monday, March 17, 2008, 17:42
My new conlang is growing quickly and it needs a name. I'm remembering a
couple I used to know who had their first baby and couldn't decide for several
days what to call him. It was amusing to so many as they had 9 months to
decide on what name to choose. So now I'm into a quandry.

I had originally wanted the language to be around the Adriatic Sea and would
have used a name based on Adriatic. Now, the language is morphing to have a
strong influnce of vocabulary from Portuguese and to some extent some
influence from Occitan. I thought it might be interesting to build in some
interaction with Basque with some loan words and such.

This would lead me to want to pick a name that would reflect maybe the Bay of
Biscay. Research took me to the name Cantabrian, but sigh, that already
exists. So then if I went to the basis of Biscay that starts to draw in the
root of the name Basque (Vaq- something in Spanish etc) so that is falling
into the reject pile as well.

Then I go into just the basis of "Roman" as in the Roman Lanugage which comes
up to "Roume" in L3. Now that might work but is very very vanilla.

Then I played around with some other a-priori names

Iceran [itsE4an]
Igeran [idzE4an]
Jeran [ZE4an]

It sad to me that I have such a block on this name. I can usually find names
that I like quite quickly.

Is there anyone who'd like a voice in naming my new baby?


Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Paul Schleitwiler, FCM <pjschleitwilerfcm@...>