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Gifs Re(2): Conlang T Shirt

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 22:13
All this attention to fonts is interesting...
but if the gif is sooooo
big that it doesn't print out
nicely on a printer why make it soooooo

Unless the print-shop can take
the individual gifs and reduce them
but if you are left with the job manually
yourself? Seems like a lot of work and
this is something that deserves appreciation...
Good work!

For BITRUSCAN/Bira you don't
need to use the gif... it seems
to me that a nice simple
Arial/Helvetica/Geneva type
in all caps would do
just fine.

But I really appreciate all the work

Jay B.
 Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...>
> writes: >>Bigger! I estimate that it should be at _least_ 100 to look good, >>with twice or thrice that being a very good idea. [...] > >Ok, So have we decided on a definate size for the lettering? Please let me >know because I have to construct the letters manually. [...] >Thanks >