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CHAT: Lest darkness fall Re: CHAT: Turtledove (was: RE: Nov 11th)

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Friday, November 19, 1999, 7:35
John Cowan <jcowan@...>
>Dale Morris wrote: >>Any book featuring both Vulgar Latin and Gothic dialects is a keeper in >> my opinion... >My edition, at least, has typos in the Gothic. It was intended to read >"Ho, frijond, allai skattjans sind waidedjans!" meaning "Hey, friend, all >merchants are thieves". However, "frijond" and "atta" (father), used >elsewhere, are in the wrong case: nominative instead of vocative. >(No, I didn't notice the latter on my own!) >
I just looooovvvveeeeee this book by LSdC... about a month ago I did a search of local libraries for the book... I had first read it in school in my wee-teen years and it is partly the reason I ended up taking Latin in High School... also why I started learning about Interlingua rather than Esperanto and also why I'm subscribed to the Gothic-L list ... funny how much of an influence a little fiction book can have on a young mind... :-))) Also from that time... anything by Tolkien, as well as Mario Pei, and of course the Loom of Language. I wonder what motivated the love for conlanging in other list members... are there similar threads that we can identify as positive influences and I'm interested in knowing if we got hooked to our secret vice at similar or different ages. Since, Jay B. BTW, if I remember correctly Padway says that he was shaky on his Gothic grammar and explains that he was half guessing on terms... when he was trying to help the Goth who was allergic to goats :-))) Oh, my my my it's all coming back... I loved his math enterprise, with the 0, and the distilling of wine into cognac... Oh my my my :-))) And I haven't seen the book now in over two decades... partly the reason why I was looking for a copy locally... 20 years no my oh my... :-)))