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nominator sentences (was Re: cases)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2000, 1:04
In a message dated 2000:09:10 2:52:25 PM, hsteoh@QUICKFUR.YI.ORG writes:

>ObConlang: I like this idea of high context-sensitivity in langs. So I've >come up with a (weird?) concept in my conlang, called Nominator sentences. > >Nominator sentences are analogous to giving a title to an essay, >sub-titles to sections within an essay/written work, etc.; except that >nominator sentences are used much more frequently by native speakers of >my >conlang, and are very much a part of the spoken language. A nominator >sentence consists of a single noun-phrase with the function of the >locative case; and it "sets the tone" for subsequent discourse. <SNiP> > >I'm still working out the details of this system, so things may change, >but the basic idea of context will remain. Just wondering if anyone else >knows of similar constructs in natlangs or other conlangs? I'd be curious >to know about them :-)
This idea: niceness. A very intriguing idea that I like a lot. We - me with Caos Pidgin & you with Project N (Nominative) - can come up with a "new" subclass of isolating languages called "elliptical." ;) Oh BTW: I am -AGAIN - considering changing the name of Caos Pidgin to something shorter & less "semantically" loaded (avoiding a certain trendiness since _Chaos_ is being thrown around a bit much these days). Also a catchy two syllable name would be more intriguing. Three possibilities come to mind: Polo (after Marco Polo), Ricci (after Matteo Ricci) and Buzzi (after Paolo Buzzi)... hehe... Any comments? czHANg