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Maqufal Seasons (was: Re: Results of Poll by Email No. 14)

From:a. koch <k.aleks@...>
Date:Sunday, June 16, 2002, 3:12
>>ObConlang. Has any developed a language with words like "summer" and >>"winter" that mean different for speakers in temperate zones than from >>people in intertropical ones? How do you call your seasons of the year?
In my Maqufal, the seasons are described through descriptions only...There is a word for "season" in a very general sense...then there are adjectives used to describe that. "Lapabua-l alan bo-pabuuu homuqu, ruruorqu, arbo ululu." - "season-the which it-is hot, sunny, and bright" could be the same season as "Lapabua-l alan bo-pabuuu honalqu, bahurqu, arbo homalua-l bo-pabooo ramadafu." "season-the which it-is warm, green, and sun-the it-is powerful" Also there could be the "winter season"... "Lapabua-l alan bo-pabuuu qaanoqu, fololqahu, arbo bamaaqu lapam qamaqaqua-l hafapanu" "season-the which it-is cold, icey, and bright from snow-the white" Or any variety of constructions giving enough explanation so that the other person would understand which season was meant. This, obviously, changes depending on climate. Although in all actuality the speakers of Maqufal do not live in a climate where there is snow. The climate is actually based largely off of the Bornu area of Sudan. open savannah country, very flat except for the occasional dune. they live in a semi-desert country... ...if any of that makes any sense. =) I'll be getting more info on Maqufal up in the future anyways, and if anyone has any questions about it I'd be interested in answering them. Anyways, that's how Maqufal deals with seasons. ______________________________________________________________________ Reklama: Seznam Prace - Hledate praci nebo menite zamestnani?