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Conlang Survey (was Re: Introduction; need advice)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 15:43
Joseph Fatula wrote:

>I actually never saw her survey, as I joined the group only a few weeks
>It was being discussed at the time, and I recall her (or perhaps someone >else) mentioning reasons they saw for conlangs being made.
I don't recall any discussion of motives, etc. Nokta Kanto suggests some interesting questions in a later post today, but that would require Heather to recompute all her results. (Worth answering separately, however......) I'm about to go no-mail for 3 weeks, but here's a copy of the survey (from my reply on Oct.25; presumably the original survey will be in the archive at some prior date). This _may_ not be complete, but I think it is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CONLANG SURVEY (Heather Rice, sorry no email addr.)
>Language name, creator's name, realative date of >creation (just any old number will do), country and >first language of creator, purpose of conlang >(auxlang, conlang, loglang, . . . ).
>Phonetics: number of consonants, number of vowels, >presence of nasalization, tone and how many, where the >accent generally falls. > >Morphemes: presence of allomorphs, mutation, >assimilation,
prefixes, suffixes, infixes, suprafixation, dicontinuation, exclusion, total
>fusion, subtraction,
reduplication. Is the conlang
>agglutinating, isolating or fusional? > >Nouns and such: subclasses of nouns (common/proper, >abstract, things that may not be expressed explicitly >in affixes),
presence of cases and how many and what
kind of possession (alienable, inalienable, no
>distinction, etc.)
presence of gender, number, Demonstratives Are
>comparatives expressed by affix, word order or both?
>Do pronouns express gender, number, declension?
>there indefinite pronouns, possessed pronouns?
>Others? Are prepositions bound, unbound? How many >prepositons (approximate).
Presence of clitics. Is
>derivational morphology mostly by compounding words or >by affix or both? > >Verbs and such: >Are person, number, object expressed with the verb?
>Are there static verbs (to be)?
Is the object
>incorporated into the person marker (making a >phonetically different affix like in the Native >American languages)? Is transitivity marked for >transitive, intransitive, bitransitive or other?
>the person inclusive, exclusive, no distiction? Kind >of gender.
Are past, present, future expressed?
>Recent, remote?
Is mode express, what kind? Is voice
>expressed? What kind?
Manner? Aspect? Please list
>what kinds of manner and aspect the conlang expresses >in its verbs.
Presence of adverbs, pro-drop. Can
>nouns, adjectives, adverbs be changed to verbs and >vice versa? >Presence of adjective, adverbial clauses and relative >pronouns. > >Sentences: >Does the conlang have an ergative or accusative >system?
Word order and is it free or strict? Are
>adjectives, adverbs and prepositions before or after >the modified word?
Is the word order changed in a
How many (approximately) conjugations are
>there? > >Other: >What is the number base for the numeral system (10? >12?)?
Presence of idioms, irregular forms of nouns
>and verbs.
Is the language syntax very predictable,
>or are there many exceptions?
How much literature has
>been produced and what kind (I'm not talking about >translations, but stuff you wrote yourself).
Is there
>a history and dictionary of the conlang? Script >invented?
Other conlangs produced by the creator of
>this one. > >If you could summarize your conlang in a sentence, >what would you write?