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Re: CHAT Easter & East (was: Country Related: Christmas)

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Friday, December 25, 1998, 6:08
Raymond A. Brown wrote:
> Yep - I've also seen this connexion given. But simply connecting 'Eostre' > with Greek 'eos' looks very much like folk etymology to me. Especially as > the ancient Greel was not uniformally 'eo:s' in any case. The Attic Greek > was probably 'heo:s' and Ionic & Homeric was 'e:o:s', but the Ionians > "dropped their aitches" early on. We come across also Corinthian 'a:wo:s' > (with a wau or 'digamma'). They derive regularly from an earlier *ha:wo:s > <-- *a:who:s <-- PIE *a:wso:s. The latter develops regularly in Latin to > auro:r-a. > > I have seen it suggested that both Eoastre/Eostre and the Old English > e:ast- (east) are derived also from PIE *a:wso:s. But there seem to me > difficulties with such a derivation.
The derivation I saw said Eostre/Eastre was from Proto-Germanic *austron. The similar beginnings of Eostre and Eos could just be coincidence due to orthography.