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Re: T-shirts

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 11, 2002, 3:57
>Here is a list of the langs that I have recieved for the second t-shirt. If >you want to be on it send my your text or pic and I'll put it together. >If I have missed yours please send it. I'd like to get about 20 or so on >this one.
Being new to the list, I didn't know a first shirt existed. Do you have a picture of one? Are they still available? Did this first shirt use the same quote?
>Fight Linguistic Extinction! >Invent a Language!
In Asha'ille: Lláejivchet ne dasharríth lláirilon! Beravchet ne dasharríd! lláejiv -chet ne dasharríth lláirilon : berav -chet ne dasharríd fight IMP the language[adj] death : create IMP the language "Fight" <lláejiv> as in for a cause, not "fight" <áejiv> in a physical sense. "Death" <lláirilon> could also conceivably be translated as "the state of having been forgotten." A short digression into Asha'illen culture: the Cresaeans (the species that first spoke Asha'ille; "Asha'illens" refers to anyone who speaks Asha'ille) are telepathic and place a high value on remembering people. They have formal ceremonies where everyone remembers all the people they can, so that their memories are fresh in the collective memory. Cresaeans do feel sad when someone dies, since that person won't be doing new things to remember them by, but they feel it is _much_ more tragic for someone to die out of the collective memory. The other word for "death" <krilorid> describes the body's physical death only. In Gharchove: Agóv'chi at n-desarét-krelórad! Beráv'chi n-desaréd! agóv -chi at n- desarét- krelórad : beráv -chi n- desaréd fight IMP you the language[adj] death : create IMP the language The Kegharn (those who originally spoke Gharchove) do not make the same distinctions for "fight" and "death" that the Cresaeans do. In both transliterations, accents mark stress as in Spanish. I'm still working on making a graphic version of these phrases in their native scripts. I'll keep you posted. -- Arthaey


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