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Re: T-shirts

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, September 12, 2002, 15:05
Daniel Andreasson wrote:
>I'm about to buy one of those, but I'm having trouble >with the sizes. To me, it looks like womens' sizes. >My normal size is 44-46, which in Sweden means S or M. >Now, the chart at CafePress says it's somewhere between >L and XL. I guess I should order 34-36 (S) or 38-40 (M). > >Has anyone ordered a t-shirt who has the same size as >me? Can anyone explain? I'm 176 cm and weigh 60 kg. >That's 5'9" and 130 pounds. >
I'm almost the same (10lbs. heavier and occasional ex-weightlifter). You would probably want a Medium (38-40). If these are rilly good cotton shirts, they may shrink a bit. On the other hand, if you favor a baggy look, or have out-of-proportion broad shoulders or chest, go with a Large. I don't know, but I suspect European sizes are based on something metric??? US sizes (of shirts, jackets etc) are based on the circumference of your chest in inches. Your 44-46 sounds like it might be half the circumference (88-92 = 34-36 in.-- that indeed sounds like a Small, but just guessing; and as I say, they may shrink). Even in the US, it's getting difficult to find a proper-size T-shirt. Most of them are made in strange furrin countries, with little conception of how big most Americans (and Europeans) are, and I've gotten the impression they sometimes mark the sizes at random ;-)


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