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Weekly Vocab #25 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, October 11, 2003, 21:29
1. date-- romantic andunji 'meeting'
fruit-- datil (loan),  calendar-- lero (but not here)
On my first date, I realized that my package of dates was outdated.
andunji angasimi, cakasanjañ lire truci-ni datiliçmi mende tramahas (or:
meeting first-my, suddenly-aware w.r.t.-that package-its dates-my
PERF/already un-fresh (or: stale)

2. station-- mil. post, vosos;  to place/send/dispatch runjosa (caus. of
cosa 'go')
I was stationed at the Bridge Creek station.
me irunjosa ri vosose arañi "anjalip vombrik"
me they-sent LOC station-dat. name-its "ford river-little"

3. ruler-- measurer eyoli, commander karun
This ruler, a popular tourist item, bears the mark of the current ruler.
eyoli tayu re filapilan lisam-lisam, sañani, emahen karuni amatrayu.
ruler this REL souvenir favorite, mark-its, image karun-gen. era-this

4. we need to think about this one a while longer.
  (micayi pila-pila tayu picikni lavi)

5. loaf-- bread piku,  lazy-- kandimuk 'one who sits around while others do
the work'
Don't just loaf about the place-- why don't you bake a loaf or two?
yanda kandimukpo-- ongatra katoçi mesa piku ro?
don't (be a) .....-just--- why-not  you-bake one loaf two?
(Colloq., ongatra= ongar ta, ka- for ha-; mesa piku ro for mesa ro piku but
acceptable as humor)

6. direction-- way, vunu; control rungoram ' move'(but not here)
The car's direction is under the driver's direction.
vununi ñaki, keñaki na, yamepu
direction/course-its car, driver PART., he-makes
"As for the course of the car, it's the driver who sets it"
(mepu vunu [ri...] 'set a course for' basically a sailing term)

7 rest-- leisure loros; remainder unayo
The rest of the company may rest here for an hour.
unayoni kambrat poloros ritan anjuni mesa aro
remainder-its company able-rest here time-its one hour
(Military speak, I think.  kambrat 'mil. company' is temporary. poloros for
_rumbo [pers.]+loros)

8. crack -- onomat.  krak! fissure-- not here. drug-- krapucun
'pej.-medicine' + a borrowing from Mathias.
With a crack, a crack opened up in the wall, revealing a package of crack.
yale krak! i ñerani yaçupaha çumatratraci, rundikas truci krapacun
there-is crack! and wall-its it-INCH-open INCH-cracked, caus-to-see
(reveal/exhibit) package drug 'break-brain'

9. fast-- speedy huluñ; not eat, tranahan
We have to be fast if we want to reach the holy city in time to fast.
cayi mihuluñ pun melo mirata enjen karosa i yale anjumi va(ra) tranahan
must we-fast if want we-come city-acc. holy and there-is time-our
in-order-to fast

10. Class -- i.e. group/cohort, class in school-- tungaprehan, colloq.
(ka)prekan (compd. clan-year);
as value judgment, tevas 'elegant, refined' ~tratevas 'not....'
In his class, he has not choice but to have no class.
ri kaprekañi, ta yapole liyapo, tratevas iya
LOC class-his, not he-can other-just, unrefined he
(The Engl. is odd, no?)