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Re: Japanese phonemes (was Re: The Monovocalic PIE Myth (wasGermans have no /w/, ...))

From:Tristan Mc Leay <kesuari@...>
Date:Sunday, June 13, 2004, 14:15
Nik Taylor wrote:

>Danny Wier wrote: > > >>From: "Nik Taylor" <yonjuuni@...> >> >> >> >>>The reason is that there's no voiced /h/, and voiced /h/ is very rare >>>anyways. "f" simply DOES NOT EXIST in Japanese on a PHONEMIC level. >>> >>> >>It doesn't really exist on a phonetic level either; it's actually [P] (IPA >>phi), which makes me think more of the sound of [W] than [f]. >> >> > >Really? Sounds very /f/-like to me. Of course, my dialect doesn't have >[W], perhaps if mine did, I'd think of "wh" as being closer than "f", >but for [W]-less dialects, I think /f/ is the closest English sound to >it. > >
Yeah... IIUC Maori has /f/ spelt as <wh> because when the orthography was made, the dominant dialect of Maori had /f/ pronounced as [P] and New Zealand English hadn't lost /W/ at the time. Now the dominant dialect has /f/ as [f] and NZE /W/ > /w/. Or so I understand. -- Tristan.