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Re: CHAT: Timezones was The English/French counting system

From:Phillip Driscoll <phild@...>
Date:Friday, September 19, 2003, 3:02
John Cowan wrote:
> > Phillip Driscoll scripsit: > > > Isn't this sometimes called Zulu Time, or am I thinking of something
> > Yes. Zulu is the ICAO phonetic alphabet (as in alpha, bravo, charlie,
> for Z, and Z is the one-letter code for UTC. Other zones have one-letter > codes as well: A is UTC+1, B is UTC+2, etc. etc.; then M is UTC-1, N is > UTC-2, etc. etc. Y is not used.
Thank you for the information. Many years ago, I did some computer work for a small airport. They had a clock on the wall set to UTC and labeled "ZULU." I asked a couple of people who told me that it was GMT and was used by the pilots, but they didn't know why it was called "zulu time." --Ph. D.