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Re: S9: sketch of yet another unnamed conlang

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 18:17

Peter Bleackley <Peter.Bleackley@...> writes:
> Staving Henrik Theiling: > >... > > Ufta do vialt hat gip de ma uine lang un iuni huva. Na di fone si > > hat stat, hat fin di de pais "`Sina"' un nali setel di. Un di meka > > hat zat: "`Lat os meotke brin!"' Un da brin zine meotke hat is de > > brik, un ne ta hat is ne meat. > > First few lines of the Babel text.
> Apparently Germanic, with a bit of > French influence. I reckon its meant to be a fairly close relative of > English, maybe an alternative history English. How close am I?
Quite good, but no alternative history: more like future fiction. My idea is the following: take a lot of Germans, some South Africans, Chinese, speakers of Westfalian Low German, Dutch, French, English, Japanese, Spanish and a few others of which my cupboard happens to contain dictionaries of, put them in an isolated place and wait for, say, 300 years. With this in mind, I want to reconstruct a language from examining some texts I find in, errrm, a crashed spaceship. (Because it is constructed, after the intuition phase, I want to apply the found grammar and phonotactics to correct some very unlikely and unrealistic things.) The above is a first try: - prepositions have merged with articles, involving some non-productive umlaut traces - articles are mandatory and carry case and number information - two cases are left: - core (from German nominative and accusative) and - oblique (from German dative) - relative clauses like Chinese ('de'-equivalent derives from 'sein'/'zijn') - word order mainly like German, but a bit different - some features of Afrikaans, but starting with German, not Dutch: - verb forms from 3p. sg. ind. pres. - isolating - suffixed 'nie' in negative sentences - vowels /aeiou/, no length, but maybe /y/ and /2/ as well - simplified phonotactics (but not decided yet) - many loans, finally probably many more than in the ad-hoc text above - maybe: pro-drop - maybe: optional tense instead of mandatory **Henrik