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Re: nameless (was Re: OBNatlang: German Pronunciation)

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Thursday, September 11, 2003, 0:55
On Fri, 5 Sep 2003 08:47:34 -0400, Carsten Becker
<gitarrenklampfer@...> wrote:

>Well, OK then, I'll change that. I can change that per CSS, simply tell my >proggy I use for this to show the body not in "7pt" but to leave this value >out, so that the standard of 12pt is turned on again and the size of the >font can be changed in the menu of your browser. (Hope you understood if my >English was a little poor again...)
Thanks -- that's much easier to read. I don't have any further comments at present. Jeff