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Re: poetry

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 15, 2001, 3:06
aniye Irina: 

On Sun, 6 May 2001, Daniel44 wrote:

> I'm wondering, how is the word/concept 'poetry' expressed in other > languages?
In Valdyan, usually _halsin_ "songs", where little distinction is made between the tune and the words. If it's specifically the words of a song *written down*, _gylsen_ "writing, text" is used. I don't think Valdyans understand that one can write a poem without the intention to sing or at least recite it. In Silindion the concept of "poetry, singing" etc is very well developed, since it plays an important part in the ritual language of religion: émpir "ritual chant" (said with a set "ritualistic" rythm, sung by empíndo "cantor") líndë "music" (the actual instrumental part of the song, performed on línëo "instrument") némpë "song" (the words and the music combined, sung by néphri "singer") nómpi "poem" (words written according to an accepted meter, with or without the intention of being sung, recited by nópïo "poet") kírma "prayer" (words usually in a poetic form, although not as strict as nómpi, recited to a god by either a tecéndo "worshipper" or by sánta/noyóndo "priest") Elliott