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OT-ish: Conlang Census

From:Rachel Klippenstein <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Sunday, January 25, 2004, 5:45
I'm still nomail, but I saw this and coudnt resist ansering it.

1)Where were you brought up? South-west coast of Canada (British
2)Where do you live, countrywise? Canada
3)What is your nationality, as you see it? Canadian
4)Where does your family come from? Eastern Europe... Ukranian, Ploish,
and Mennonite from Russia/Ukraine
5)What colour is your hair? Brown
6)What colour are your eyes? Brown, I think
7)What colour is your skin? pinkish
8)Are you left or right handed? right
9)What is/are your mother tongue(s) English alone
10)Are you fluent in any other languages?  If so, which? Getting there
in German
11)Are you homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual? Heterosexual
12)What (non-)religion are you? Christian
13)What denomination of that religion? "I'm a Mennonite Anglican"...
seriously, I don't feel it important to identify myself with a
particular denomination.
14) Finally, what is your favourite colour? Blue

- Estel

I'm revolting agenst standerd Inglish spelling.  Odd spellings ar probly intentional.

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