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Spoken Thoughts - Comparatives and Adjectives

From:Eruanno none <eruanno@...>
Date:Sunday, January 21, 2001, 19:41
the roots being used for the comparison: VET & MIK
Basic comparison structure:
_an_ A _key_ je-B

A = Vette
B = Mikke

For more than{
  an Vette anka Jemikke
LIT:   A is more than B
Trans: A is better than/more than/greater than...
NOTE:  Add adjective in front of the key to show such things as Swifter Then

for less than{
  an Vette alla Jemiike
LIT:   A is less than B
Trans: A is worse than/less than...
NOTE:  Add adjective...

superlated roots: HEST
for most{
  altaheste > possibly shortened to alteste ( not likely tho, for there may
be a word "este" or such )

for least{
  andaheste > " andeste
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