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My personal project

From:Antonio WARD <antonio_ward@...>
Date:Friday, March 8, 2002, 11:32
Hi! ...

AS I have mentioned before, I would like to write a roman about a supossedly
ancient, pre-indoeuropean civilization that faces an invasion coming from Asia
(the proto-indoeuropean people). To write something serious, I need to do a lot
of research.

I wonder how those pre-indoeuropean languages might have looked like. Basque is
the only survivor in Europe. Does anybody know more specifics? Of course, it
can be a whole set of completely new languages, but I am affraid that my first
try will be, undoubtedly, very indoeuropean. Two young archeologists will find
the traces in old manuscripts secretly protected in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
A big problem to solve is how they arrive to translate the old texts into
current language (a Rosetta stone is very unlikely to exist in those early

A few things that I want to have in my language:

1.- Inflexions and declinations like Latin and greek. I want to create new cases
(besides the regular Nominative, Genitive, etc.).

2.- For example, I might suppress all the modal verbs to create new verb modes
(besides indicative, subjunctive, imperative, conditional, I would create
"CAPACITIVE" -I can-, "OBLIGATIVE" -I must, I should, etc). I love the
continuos tenses in Spanish and English (I was reading, I will be eating).

3.- I want my civilization to be extremely religious. So, they would have an
additional third person pronoun (besides he/she/it) to talk about God with a
special inflection for it in the third person. For example, in French, it
would be something like that:

Je mange - Tu manges - Il/Elle mange - *Ille (Dieu) manget - Nous mangeons - etc.

4.- God will be, like the christian Trinity, (a unity of three), a Bi-Nity (a
Unity of Two) which will carry both masculine and feminine principles inside.
People believe that they have two lives to live in turn (one as a woman, one as
a man, in any chronological order), but they never know if they are living the
first life or the second. Gay people (of both sexes) are considered superior in
this society as they are seen as having the bi-nity (male and female

5.- I want to replicate the detailed and precise conjugation spanish system. If
you say "comí" (I ate), you are saying a lot of things by just adding a letter
i with accute accent to the radical.

Well, these are just ideas.

Thanks for your input and encouragement!!!



Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>