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Re: HELP Open Office writer

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, October 25, 2007, 11:10
 > A question for those of you who use Open Office Writer
(2.0 I think)--
 > In the course of writing up Prevli (in standard Letter
Size 8.5x11) the
 > need has arisen to insert a large table that is formatted
in a separate
 > file in Landscape orientation (11X8.5). When I try to
copy the table
 > into the text, the entire text changes to Landscape. Or,
if I try to
 > correct the pages that sholdn't be in Landscape, then
 > including the table changes to 8.5x11.  Actually, the
table is OK that
 > way, except it runs to the very R edge of the page-- not
sure that will
 > print or PDF properly, anyway it looks bad.
 > According to OOO's website, there is this (complicated as
usual) "12
 > step Program" to do it--

 > and if necessary I will figure that out. I don't usually
use their
 > "styles" stuff...:-(((
 > But is there a quick and easier way to just make ONE page
of a text in
 > Landscape, while everything else stays in Letter?
 > Reply privately I think......and thanks, Roger

The cheating way (assuming you are on Windows):

1. Create the table in a separate, landscape oriented document.
2. Select the whole table (Table > Select) and copy it
by hitting Ctrl+C.
3. Open a Draw document.
4. Paste in the table with Ctrl+V.
5. Choose File > Export > File format: WMF, type in a file
name and click Save.
6. Back in the draw document hit Ctrl+A and then hit Delete.
7. Choose Insert > Picture > From file..., locate the
.wmf file you just saved and open it.
8. right-click in the table image and choose Position and
9. In the Rotation tab type 90 in the Angle box. Click OK.
10. Hit Ctrl+C.
11. In your main Write document place the pointer where you
want the table to go and hit Ctrl+V.
12. Right-click in the table image anc choose Wrap > No Wrap
13. You may need to zoom out and drag the image into an
optimal position.

As many or more steps, but hopefully easier!

/BP 8^)>
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