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Polynesian family (was Re: A new Indo-European subfamily in China)

From:E-Ching Ng <>
Date:Sunday, December 3, 2000, 23:16
>How about Malay/Indonesian? They are non-tonal. Or are they regarded as a >different language family?
I think they're classed as Austronesian. The Polynesians were expanding across the Pacific at around 700AD, I think, at about the same time as the Vikings were on the seas, and they scattered their language family all the way from Hawaii to Indonesia. Don't know why it's called AUSTROnesian, come to think of it ... problem set and dinner calling, no time to look it up. Before I go - I know that Japanese and Malay both have a question-marker "ka", though in Malay I think it can go anywhere in the sentence and in Japanese it has to be at the end. I wonder if anyone's looked at Malay when trying to trace the origins of Japanese? E-Ching