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Re: The Language Family Project

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, August 3, 2001, 2:43
From: "Danny Wier" <dawier@...>

| Mangiat, you gave me an idear.  I'm thinking in the FUTURE (we got too much
| going on right now), we all get a list of IE roots (Pokorny anyone?), plus a
| good primer on IE grammar (or what we know of it).  Then everybody create
| own Indo-European language.  Some of us (the other Wier comes to mind) have
| this already.  I had planned to create an IE language that resembled Armenian
| and Albanian a good bit, called Callistan, but I shelved the idea and decided
| concentrate all my energy on Tech.
| As usual, this is all for fun, and no rush.  I'm also on the [cybalist] group;
| we discuss IE-related issues there, and that's also a Yahoo! based e-mail
| So what about something like an Indo-Iranian language spoken by some sort of
| Elves, or Hittite on Mars, or even a Celto-Inuit sort of pidgin...

(First of all, there were too many parentheses in that first paragraph.)

Second, those analogies aren't good; I didn't mean another Celtic or
Indo-Iranian language.  I meant an independent language within IE, along the
lines of the aforementioned Albanian and Armenian.  (I'd say Greek, but that was
actually several languages with one dominating dialect; only Tsakonian survives
to this day.)

~DaW~  (It's 10 pm.  Do you know what time it is?)

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