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Re: Greek rho

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Sunday, February 8, 2004, 0:28
--- Ray Brown <ray.brown@...> wrote:

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> We simply have no way of knowing whether [r] was > still the normal > pronunciation of rho at the beginning of the > Byzantine period and the > change to [4] occurred later, or whether the change > occurred during the > Hellenistic period (i.e. in the Koine) and that the > Byzantine > pronunciation was [4] as in modern Greek. My guess > is the latter - but > without time travel we cannot be certain :) > > Ray
Thanks. I can now be sure that the C-a word for purple is /pO4'vi4U/. That's what I had assumend, but I had done so wrongly with my Arabic borrowings and my Punic substrait too. I had to go back and change all of those words. At least my Greek can stay as is. Adam ===== Indjindrud edjuebu ul Ozias ad ul Jotam. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Jotam ad ul Acaz. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Acaz ad ul Ezecias. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Ezecias ad ul Manases. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Manases ad ul Amos. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Amos ad ul Josias. Machu 1:9-10