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OT religion (Re: OT More pens (was Re: Phoneme winnowing continues)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, June 12, 2003, 4:17
In a message dated 2003:06:10 02:02:39 PM, joe@WANTAGE.COM writes:

>But of course. All major religions should be taught about, to some degree, >I think.
As social studies/cultural studies in state-funded schools. And how do you define "major religion"? One can argue the historical majorness of Mithraism ferinstanz. In a message dated 2003:06:10 02:19:22 PM, Joe (fatula3@ATTGLOBAL.NET) writes:
>So would I. Actually, I'd consider a discussion of the basics of the major >religions required material for a class dealing with the history of people >who followed those religions.
But if the approach is just defining generalized characteristics of these religions then it maybe will not be worth doing it at all... it would be like some kind of half-assed Reader's Digest abridged edition of selections from the writings of Huston Smith or *snarfle!* Pocket Guide to Joseph Campbell... just rough outlines of the diversity of beliefs even within major religions. A better model are the excellent, illustrated [!] _Introducing_ series put out by Icon Books UK/Totem Books USA, Also the Dummy's Guide series are pretty good and entertaining and even more in-depth than the _Introducing_ series. OK, now peeps it's high time to frikkin' CRUCIFY & QUARTER this bleedin' religion thread unless it has some pretty direct bearing on - ferinstanz - lexico-semantics or concultural worldviews! As Sally Caves says NO CROSS NO CROWN... --- Hanuman Zhang, the "Yves Klein Bleu Aardvark," musical mad scientist (no, I don't wanna take over the world, just the sound spectrum...) "There's a rabbinical tradition that the music in heaven will be microtonal" -annotative interpretation of Schottenstein Tehillim, 92:4, the verse being: "Upon a ten-stringed * instrument and upon lyre, with singing accompanied by harp." [* utilizing new tones] NADA BRAHMA - Sanskrit, "sound [is the] Godhead" "God utters me like a word containing a partial thought of himself." -Thomas Merton LILA - Sanskrit, "divine play/sport/whimsy" - "the universe is what happens when God wants to play" - "joyous exercise of spontaneity involved in the art of creation" ...improvisation is about change, about flux rather than stasis. ... you have to be aware of the fact that improvisation is about a constant change. - Steve Beresford improvisation: "a process of liberation, a working around the assumptions that define our civilization, and the results are open-ended." - John Berndt