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Re: Types of possession <ruittenb@...>
Date:Friday, December 23, 2005, 12:29
Jim Henry wrote:

>I've recently thought of a system that's much simpler than >that of gjâ-zym-byn or Ithkuil, but more specific than the vague >Indo-European genitive. There are three genitive cases or
> >1. equal (or coordinate) association >2. subordinate, inferior association >3. superordinate, superior association
>man-GEN2 rescue = the rescue by others of the man in danger >man-GEN3 rescue = the rescue performed by the man of someone in
danger Nice. So you would also use this distinction to disambiguate "the fear of the wolf" - "la peur du loup"? wolf-GEN2 fear, in which the wolf is feared wolf-GEN3 fear, in which the wolf fears In Calénnawn, I've been using the elative preposition _num_: búhibu cor ðówba fear GEN dog (no word for 'wolf' yet): the dog fears búhibu num ðówba fear ELAT dog: the dog is feared René Please watch the reply-to.