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Three Satritain Sentences

From:lblissett <blissett@...>
Date:Sunday, December 29, 2002, 7:22
gahmm fesul isaa, janmm sassel awashte shmm keppukoi ike, nao keiheke da,
nao keiheke iswit
"The day is good, like the sweet face of my lover, and so I praise it, and
so I praise both."

mm nh kovodach wa sheijech ipwath; gahdahmm dthqlatthng shmm qlaugjih
"A balance between warfare and civilized elegance; that is the essence of
our race."

gah fothe istetandris wa nyer; gahmm vaithoh kumm qwyngshe
"Certainties are useless and rare; the proper method is in strategic