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Re: My Word Generator Scripts

From:J. K. Hoffman <ryumaou@...>
Date:Friday, December 19, 2003, 11:15

Have you thought about making them available to run on-line?  I did some
that are PERL based and available via my webpage as links off  There are four there that are
actual generators.  It would be really cool to have people able to run
them right there on your webpage.  And, it'll drive a lot of traffic to
your site! ^_^  (At least, that's why *I* did it.)

And, while *I* think it's cool that other people are doing generator
scripts, don't be surprised if not everyone is really "into" generators.
  I've had some folks get, well, rather testy about the mere *idea* that
I might use a generator to make words for a conlang.  Not sure why, but
they seem to think doing it all "by hand" is somehow better.
Personally, I prefer power tools to hand tools, but that's just me.

And, now that I've run my mouth on that subject, I'm off to Chicago for
the weekend to be with family!  So, I'll be away from mail until Monday
> ------------------------------ > > Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 15:34:09 -0600 > From: Sam Drost <sdrost@...> > Subject: My Word Generator Scripts > > I've developed some word generation scripts that are based on LangMaker and > the generators at Seventh Sanctum. they are at > > > They are Java Script so they'll only work on Windows systems. > --- > Sam Drost
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