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From:Josh Kartes <jkartes@...>
Date:Monday, September 23, 2002, 17:38
Ge redtenuema spezgeueietis aspengeshi mothicheuom!

The text above is written in Aspele.  This language, formerly known as
Kartesian (this name may sound familiar, as it appeared for a time on this
mailing list), has undergone countless changes, and is now an incredibly
different language.  Basically, I took my own Kartesian (rather elementary
attempt at a conlang; many, many roots with many, many synonymous (and
confusing) words; declining language to an extreme) and transformed it into
Aspele (much more educated conlang; only 400 roots from which everything
is derived, thus eliminating countless repetitions of ideas; agglutinating
language (to an extreme...?)).  So it's entirely different.

What you see above seems a little daunting.  Long words.  The words even
surprised me as I was writing them out.  A speaker of (shall I say) "Old
Kartesian" would simply look at these words and get dizzy.  I love these
words.  They're fun.  Aspele loves agglutination.  For example, the word
"spezgeueietis" (above) literally translates to "[reflexive subject] is travelling
again, and..." (the ending "-tis" indicates that the clause is one of a sequence
of two or more clauses).  In case you were interested, the English portrayal of
those lovely long words written above is "Greetings!  I have returned (to this
list) and my language is much better!"

I hope to post more information (perhaps in the "Files" section of this list)
about Aspele, and possibly include vocabulary and a few grammar
explanations.  I'm glad to be back!!!


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