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Re: i'm back and near death..... but still alive for now.

From:Kasunagi Helkran <kasunagi@...>
Date:Friday, November 29, 2002, 1:56

well a windows version of my app may be a long way off, as Delphi seems to
hate my pascal souces {even as a consloe app :( } so i have to redo 90%
percent of the app, as that 90 was mostly code from scratch, but as far as
i thinking about a "open source" language, it would be an atempt to see
what happens when communication happens on a large scale, with the basis
being that  usr a, mods the lang then usr b also does, what happen to it in
thir hand what was done that was the same what did they change? how would
it evolve, if usr a's mod is more accepted that b's, what happen if usr c
took even a diffrent route? this may be a little more than i can handle :)
but it would be nice to what happens, as it may provide just a little more
to ponder when considering language and the human psyche.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Twenty minutes later -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

I'm Beginning to be anoyed with my app as i just spent the last twenty
minutes fixing a tiny bug!, but at lest it works now with out eating up
20MB of disk space for a project file!

heres a question relating to displaying hangul charactors in pascal :

In attempting to implement a display system how do i get the font to diplay
corectly, ( it currently displays combo chars in a line, i can't get them
in to the same space! any one have any ideas on how to implement useing Bgi

or should i give up ?
or should i write an external prog for that?


well here are the current things completed in my app:
Gui : Done
Menu Sys : done
True Rand Generator : Done
primitives Generation Scripting System : done using C,V,S,N,P,Q to assing
    ie to gen CVC word you write this script:
         If l1 = v Then Discard
         If l2 = c Then Discard
Auto Script Generation : 50%
Grammar Rule Entry : 30% ( only allows for 30 rules max)
Word proccesor componet : 98% ( missing multi font suport)
Export to Word : 60%
Input methods for Other scripts/langs : 20%
Spread sheet module: 0%
            (as i cant realy program one in the Gui i've designed)
word Formation Scripting System: 90%

Well Bye for now