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Re: New Language: Borg

From:Terrence Donnelly <pag000@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 30, 1998, 21:52
At 02:10 PM 9/30/98 +0200, =D8rjan Johansen wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Terrence Donnelly wrote: > >> I'm delurking to announce my latest language, which I call Borg (yes, >> those Borg!). You can take a look at it at my website >>=20 >> >>=20 >> A big Conlang prize for the person who can tell me which language >> Borg is based on. > >After moving the last letter of a word, its structure looks a lot like >Esperanto to me. There are many subtle differences, like exactly which >prefixes/suffixes are included, what is the list of correlatives, >splitting of the noun word class into animate and inanimate, separation of >tense from the word class... but in each case, the basic system is that of >Esperanto. >
Yes, you are right. The basic system of affixes and basic syntax are taken= =20 from Esperanto. Since then, Borg has begun to take on a life of its own, as= =20 you've noted. -- Terry