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Kaos Babul translation (was Kélen translation of the day...)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, August 11, 2001, 8:50
In a message dated 10.08.2001 05:38:07 AM, Sylvia Sotomayor
(kelen@IX.NETCOM.COM) writes:

>héja rién jajílne análníñ hí anNáNa anén anhénari; >(N is a velar nasal) > >good/should-future meal delightful if spice.adj with rightness > >Properly seasoned, you'd make a handsome meal.
In Kaos Babul Ingaliz (NOTE: lexicon is still tentative): Yu sapoz bon fasin bin karree lah yu maihap bi wan movee-stah chow-chow. You/suppose/good/fashion/[PTPart.]/curry/[*]/ you/mayhaps/be/one/movie-star/meal. [PTPart.] ===> Past Tense Particle [*] ===> grammatical particle "Kaos Babul Ingaliz's innovative character, not to say multilingual virtuosity, has given Kaos Babul the aura of 'ultra-cool' raciness and rebelliousness, and with this, the advantages of a 'slanguage' that _can be_ almost totally opaque to potentially hostile outsiders and authorities." - from "Kaos Babul Ingaliz: From Street Lingo Fracas to XenoCultural Lingua Franca," _Chop-Chop Wan Muta Mix/Work That Mutant Mix: Global XenoCulture 2020_ ___________________________________________ "One thing foreigners, computers, and poets have in common is that they make unexpected linguistic associations." - Jasia Reichardt ________________________________________ In a message dated 10.08.2001 05:38:07 AM, Sylvia Sotomayor (kelen@IX.NETCOM.COM) continues to write:
> >(From my godson's latest twisted computer game...) >
ROTFLMAO cannibals in cyberspace... Doin' good, not necessarily bein' good, czHANg