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Yers (fi: syllables)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Saturday, June 14, 2003, 7:36
 --- "Mark J. Reed" skrzypszy:

> ?? What the heck is a "yer"?
Yers are two ultrashort vowels in Slavic derived from short _u_ and _i_ and represented by the hard and the soft sign (in ASCII often with capital U and I). They can be subdivided into strong yers and weak yers: according to Havlik's rule, yers always disappear [1] in the Slavic languages unless the following syllable has a yer as well. Jan [1] "Disappear" in this sense that they are not pronounced. However, prerevolutionary Russian still wrote them. In contemporary Russian the hard sign (= U) disappeared apart from a few particular situations. ===== "Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones ________________________________________________________________________ Want to chat instantly with your online friends? Get the FREE Yahoo! Messenger