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Re: Last word in the dictionary

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 14, 2001, 16:25
James Campbell  wrote:

>For a forthcoming new section on my website, I'm putting together a list of >the last words in the dictionary in as many languages as possible - mainly >natlangs, but conlangs are also welcome. Where better to ask for
>than here, from my fellow langheads? :) > >If you'd like to contribute, please mail me offlist on, >and please try to provide at least one natlang for each conlang - although
>want to include conlangs, very few have actual real printed dictionaries, >and the page may have a (slightly) broader appeal if it's mainly natlangs. >(As if it will have any appeal at all...) > >If possible, please specify the source of your information (i.e. which >dictionary), the meaning of the word in English, and a transliteration and >.gif if the alphabet is non-roman. Abbreviations are excluded; subentries >will be permitted if they're single words. I've made a start with 17 >natlangs from my bookshelf, including words for bacon-rind (Dutch) and >foot-and-mouth disease (Russian).
This assumes that these dictionaries are _complete_: Shorter OED (3d ed. 1944, reprint w/corrections 1965): zymurgy - the art or practice of fermentation. (You surely have this already) Abinal & Malzac, Dictionnaire Malgache-Français [Malegasy], 1970?: zozozozo - (imitatif) bourdonnement, bruissement, sifflement du vent dans les forêts... (Sorry, no French-English dict. to hand; I think the last phrase clarifies it...) Panganiban, Diksiyunaryong Pilipino-Ingles (1970): yutyót - 1. sound of heavy or violent but intermittent shaking (as of a house, tree branch, plank...) when burdened by heavy load or lashed by heavy wind or stream of water. 2. the act of bending under stress of weight or pressure. Capell, New Fijian Dictionary (3d ed. 1968): yota - (Engl.) a yacht Echols & Shadily, Indonesian-English Dictionary (2d ed. 1965): zurapah - giraffe The above all follow conventional A-Z (if used) format. Wojowasito, ed. Mills, Kawi Lexicon [Old Javanese] (1979): hwi [i-macron] - rattan Follows Sanskrit order. Conlang: Mills, Añakrangota Sende Kash [Kash] (2001): otrosho - (n) ceramic ware; (adj) ceramic [subject to change as new words are discovered] Follows own order: Consonants (velar, palatal, dental, labial), Vowels (a i e u o)--initial sounds only; internal sounds by English order. I haven't yet figured out how to make the computer sort the whole 2000-plus lexicon by Kash order. (jpg attached)


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