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Re: Hebrew _h'atul_ vs. Arabic _qit't'_ (was Re: THEORY nouns and cases)

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 9:27
Staving Danny Wier:
>From: "Adam Walker" <carrajena@...> > > > Asa far as the origin of "cat" in the European > > languages, my Spaninsh etymological dictionary says: > > > > Gato 'mamífero carnívero doméstico, _Felis cattus_': > > latín tardío _cattus_, _gattus_ 'gato', posiblemente > > de origen camítico (de la misma familia que el beréber > > _kaddîska_ y que el nubiense _kadi:s, los dos = > > 'gato'). > >I was aware of the Nubian origin, but didn't know the Berber. I wonder if >the original word refers to cats in general (including lions and tigers and >other big cats), or just the small cats the ancient Egyptians and Nubians >had for pets. > >The Egyptian word is a more onomatopoeic _m3w_, which is more like Chinese >_m(i)ao_.
Khangaþyagon also uses the onomatopoeic mihyu [mihju:]. It's not the only onomatopoeic species name - raven is karrkak [ka:rk&k]. I was in Tokyo when I thought of the latter. Other known species names include glaf [gl&f] "horse" and babal [b&b&l] "butterfly", which was inspired by the fact that reduplication and bilabials seem to be common in words for butterfly. Egret is issuli [is:u:li] and bird in general is zerrish [zeriS]. Beast is gravd [g4&vd]. Pete


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