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Your dictionaries online!

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 21:49
Last september in the thread "Your dictionary online?" I mentioned
the DICT-protocol (RFC2229) which is a (now venerable) way of
querying dictionaries over the net.

I was experimenting with a server and had made a Taruven
dictionary for it to serve, on a temporary host. That server and
dictionary is now on a permanent host, (might
be name-changes but the ip-address stays firm.)

Therefore, I hereby announce that I am willing to host all
y'all's dictionaries, encoded as 7-bit ASCII or UTF-8.
Converting them to a format dict understands is still not as
easy as it ought to be but see the old threads and .

Pick a client, set the server to and try
searching for/looking up the word "sïaòy" (s, i-umlaut, a,
o-grave, y). That should net you something like what follows
(exact formatting will vary):

sïaòy n. [g] wind

The clients I have tested so far are: the cli-client dict, kdict
for KDE, and the firefox-plugin dict. Changing the server in the
latter was a bit of a nuisance (no separate gui for it so I had
to hack prefs.js).

* Please help test clients: pick one from the list on and reply here with
  your findings. Yes, there are clients for cell phones :)
* Contact me directly if you have a dictionary you wish served.



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