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trigger langs: More than one verb in a sentence?

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 25, 2004, 6:38
So, i've been restructuring Saalangal, and i'm a bit stuck on how to
go about working with the triggers on sentences like:

"I used the book to teach him". Obviously one of the verbs takes a
trigger (in this case the instrumental (as the act was performed using
the book). But i'm not sure whether is should be "used", or  "to
teach"? I thought that maybe both would take the trigger, indicating
they are verbs, but then I thought "maybe not?".

Here's what it would be with both verbs taking the trigger:

táianibara hanra sarémeyibara ati manaw ko malang /'ta?i?an?ibara
'hanra sa'rem?ej?ibara 'ati ma'naw ko ma'laN/ - used.past.inst.
in.order teach.inf.inst. I-non-trig him.non-trig TRIG book

But the above seems a touch stilted, contrived and a little too artificial.

Or without the trigger, i thought it might be on "used" but not "to teach".

And then I thought.. hmm wait, that doesn't seem to work... shouldn't
it be on "to teach"? but then I got all confused and couldn't figure
it out.

So, on constructions like that, what would you suggest?

(and no, this isn't supposed to work EXACTLY like Tagalog)

What I did decide to do for other constructions using two verbs in
proximity to each other
(helping verbs as modals) to treat them similar to the way Tagalog
used the "pseudo"/"helping" verbs (Gusto, ayaw, puwede, maaari) and
use them as adjectives/adverbs.


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