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t-shirt phrase in Yivríndil

From:Jesse Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Thursday, September 28, 2000, 22:22
> >To-lupa-wa ru-kelta par-il > >IMP-fight-habit.V anti-creation language-ADJ > > > >to-kelta-wa par > >IMP-create-habit.V [a] language. > > > >I had to coin a word for "extinction," and the word I coined, > >"anti-creation" unintentionally forms a neat antithesis with the
> >"create" in the next phrase :-). It's neat. > > Nice-ness, indeed neat. I like that a lot... the semantic
> BTW, what languages is Yivríndil influenced by? Tell us more about
> ConLang!!! > > czHANg
(BTW, {w} in the above transcriptions is [B]--an important point) Yivríndil is influenced by whatever languages happen to be floating through my head at the moment ;-). Some of my *general* tastes have been influenced by Hawaiian, Finnish, or Spanish, but the language I wanted to create was more wild and exotic than any of those. The only natlangs that I've ever seen that really seemed like Yivríndil were little-known PNG languages with sharp, exciting consonant combinations and lots of vowels. Yes, semantic transparency (or at least translucency) is one of the major features of Yivríndil, since the existing vocabulary is very small and I like to get as far as I can without having to coin totally new words. I imagine that the *entire* vocabulary is rather small but it augmented by a large agglutinative inflectional morphology and considerable derivational morphology. In general terms, Yivríndil is an SVO, highly agglutinative language with a few noun cases, lots and lots of verbal variations, pro-drop (but no agreement!), and relatively sparse phonology. Yivríndil has been "almost complete" for quite some time now, but every once in a while I take it out and overhaul some area that I never quite liked. . . so it's always a work in progress. Further updates as events warrant! Laiya! (Yivríndil farewell) Jesse S. Bangs