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Dutch surnames

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 7, 2009, 13:55
Den 7. apr. 2009 kl. 14.00 skreiv Benct Philip Jonsson:
> > FWIW _kofot_ is only 'crowbar' in Swedish. The hoof > of a cow is _klöv_, which is an ablaut derivation of > _clave[^1]_. Christophe's surname sounds like the > nickname of the patriarch of a fairy-tale robber band! > (And of course St. Christopher was originally a robber!! :-)
The surname Kofoed is not uncommon in Norway/Denmark. In Norwegian, the name for the tool is 'kubein' or, more commonly nowadays, 'brekkjern'.
> [^1]: _cleave_ from PIE *gleubh- has both a strong > inflection _clove, cloven_ and a class I weak > _cleft, cleft_, while _cleave_ from *gleibh- is > only class II weak _cleaved, cleaved_ -- i.e. > regular in modern English terminology. You learn > something every day!
Didn't know English had this cognate of Norw. 'klebe'. BTW, Webster says it has alternative inflections _clove_ and even _clave_ as well. LEF


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