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Re: THEORY: Non-Content/Auxiliary verbs (was: Re: THEORY: Temporal Auxiliaries ...)

From:Jeffrey Jones <jsjonesmiami@...>
Date:Monday, July 11, 2005, 3:52
On Wed, 6 Jul 2005 13:25:02 +0200, Carsten Becker
<naranoieati@...> wrote:

>I hope I'm not too late and you already answered this question >elsewhere ...
not really. BTW, I probably should mention that I've been "under the weather" in more than one way ....
>From: "Jeffrey Jones" <jsjonesmiami@...> >Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:05 PM >Subject: Re: THEORY: Temporal Auxiliaries, Aspectual >Auxiliaries, Modal Auxiliaries > > > In a couple of my conlang projects, I have a marker that > > makes any content verb into an auxiliary (if it makes > > sense). I don't know if I'll have any non-content > > auxiliaries. This mechanism handles tense and mood > > auxiliaries, evidentials and attitudinals, and some other > > stuff, but not aspectual auxiliaries, which are handled > > using the compounding mechanism. > >Could you please elaborate on that? It's because I'm >currently thinking about whether to start
If you mean the compounding mechanism, I made a completely incomprehensible (i.e. not even Henrik could understand it) post about it at bin/wa?A2=ind0506b&L=conlang&F=&S=&X=07F1F778B8CE64D603&Y=jsjonesmiami% (Note: That monstrosity of an URL is what I got from copying the browser's address field. Some of it seems to be unnecessary.) If you mean the auxiliary part, how about: 3E-(see)-1X Ani.(dog) -- I see a dog (or dogs; I haven't worked on number yet) Aux-(see)-1X Ani.(dog) 3A-(run) -- I see the dog running. 3E- 3rd person explicit 3A- 3rd person definite animate Aux- makes the argument refer to a situation instead of an entity I don't have enough good examples yet, especially where tense, mood and aspect are centrally involved.
> a) a completely new conlang project from scratch > -> Grammatical features not sure yet, I'd like to > try on an ergative/split-whatever and isolating > language, though. > >or > > b) try to tweak Ayeri to make it look like e.g. Sanskrit, > or more like Indonesian, i.e. starting to derive > daughter languges > -> Active language? Inflecting! > -> Ayeri is already Austronesian inspried, but its > sound went into a direction I did not want it to go > actually. So back to the roots! > >or > > c) invent a good many strange sound changes to > "reconstruct" Proto-South-West-Kataytanian in order to > make a different language that is related to Ayeri > like e.g. Russian (or even better, Farsi) is to > English in order to try out some of Tom Chappell's > nice thoughts about languages that have e.g. the > indirect object marked for Ergative (Erg. indirect?) > >or whether to stick to Ayeri and stop producing any grammar >for the near future.
I think (c) would be best, if possible, and (a) would be good. Failing that, (d). In other words, I think Ayeri is pretty good as it is.
>You see, that's why I'm collecting information about anything >that seems interesting at the moment. > >Carsten > >-- >Edatamanon le matahanarà ea Bahis Venena, 5 Iran B18 ea >15:06:10:1B ena Curan Tertanyan Cuperin. >=========================================================================
glad that Noimi seems interesting. Jeff


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