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Verbs as Adjectives - Reply and Thanks. :)

From:Chris Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 13, 2004, 12:29
Thanks to Everyone who replied before! I've been giving the matter a lot
of thought anyway... still haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do
it. Since a couple of people gave Japanese as an example I've been
learning a little japanese from this book which teaches it in romanized
form... just to find out the basics of Japanese grammar, since I don't
really have time to learn it properly including Kanji, Hiragana etc.
*sigh* I love the look of the Hiragana though... its a very nice
syllablary (how do you spell that word!?!?!), but the Kanji in the
middle spoil the look of written Japanese. They're much uglier than the
 Anyway... my little toy aux-lang is kindof coming along, although at
this rate I'll get bored before I get anywhere near finishing the damn
thing. Making it easy for everyone is so difficult.... I have a
phonology of 15 consonants, and a mainly CVCV... structure and that's
boring, and so much thought has to go into everything instead of just
putting in what would be the most fun... as I mentioned before, I've
already drifted back into conlanging territory a bit, since on an
impulse I added a simple switch system to the verbs, which probably
isn't a good idea for a conlang. *sigh* I've been thinking about using
it for the basis of a proper conlang anyway... I've decided I'm going to
build it with the grammar and phonology as easy as I can then do a
massive series of sound and grammar changes and make it an evil,
difficult to pronounce synthetic language with a lot of liason à la
français (the liason bit, not the evil bit).
 I've included an optional plural affix, but since Japanese gets by
perfectly well without any plural affixes for most nouns (I think
there's a plural form for the noun "person" isn't there? And a couple of
other nouns... along with the pronouns) I'm thinking about ditching any
grammatical indication of plurality and simply having a verb/adjective
"to be many" which people can use if they want.


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