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Re: More vocabulary building

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Sunday, May 20, 2001, 0:09
I think the Japanese have coined some abbreviations kind of like that...they
take the first two syllables(=moras) of each word and you get an

rimooto kontororu -> rimokon (remote control)
yon daburu (4W)   -> yondabu (four wheel drive)
sekushuaru harasumento -> sekuhara (sexual harrassment)

Even the name of that horrible "pokemon" (pocket monsters) is derived


> This came to me from a colleague on the Austronesian List, and seems worth > passing along. I was aware of the process, but don't think I've yet > introduced it into Kash........As you see in the last paragraph, it can be > quite amusing. > > QUOTE: > ...A strong case could be made that neologizing through the creation of > "portmanteau" blends is a long-standing feature in many AN (or at > least WMP) > languages. The language I work on, Sundanese, is rife with such blends-- > I've collected dozens of examples (usually formed by combining > root-morpheme-final syllables). Interestingly, like Tagalog, many of the > best-known examples are food terms: > > cilok = aci dicolok 'skewered tapioca' > ciréng = aci digoréng 'fried tapioca' > colénak = dicocolkeun, énak 'dipped, it's delicious' (fermented cassava in > palm sugar syrup) > comro = oncom di jero 'fermented peanut cake inside' (fried cassava filled > with spiced oncom) > misro = amis di jero 'something sweet inside' (fried cassava filled with > brown sugar) > sukro = suuk di jero 'peanut inside' (peanut in wheat flour) >