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OT: With a quin sluf bolich and a pendic montru

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 18:01
Re: Relexing English to examine how we acquire vocabulary.

It seems to me that a reasonably bright ten-year-old with a good grasp of English
syntax, could read this story and answer the questions that follow.

Feltak the murj, a fozik by Bingstat Riget

At the drig of the flemistan pelked a murj with a quin sluf bolich and a pendic
montru. Feltak, the murj, was very droog, and passened his dembo senjitly
beneath the klum, and from that gavitz was mellied Hachan.
"I will blirm it for you, Hachan," drined the prullin Feltak, yednik to be of jelit.
The pinj wiznu craxed the rilti montru a granzi fledik. In ralting to berj it back
Feltak prilled the kovich of the montru into the merklet. He had rezled himself
a frimp gronstad montru, and Feltak had to saut of a kroden in order to flen

Who was Feltak?
What two items was Feltak carrying?
What happened to the kovich, and whose fault was it?
Which item won't work properly without the kovich?
What is the wiznu's name, and where did he come from?
Is frimp gronstad a good thing or a bad thing?

I have a hunch that an intelligent human could read a novel-length story like
the above, and by the end of the novel, understand it very clearly, without any
recourse to a dictionary of nouns and verbs. Somehow, in some magical,
mystical, mysterious way, the human mind seems able to work it all out.



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