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Typing the lexicon (was: [SHOEBOX] "Morphophonemic form gives cyclical pattern...")

From:DOUGLAS KOLLER <laokou@...>
Date:Monday, July 24, 2000, 2:23
From: "The Gray Wizard"

> I had originally fired it up > as a possible store for the rather extensive lexicon that has grown around > amman iar. I wasn't particularly keen about facing the tedious chore of > typing each and every lexical entry into Shoebox, so I approached it with > more that a bit of skepticism about my willingness to do so.
I can empathize. Not being a techno-wiz, I am relegated to typing entries into my lexicon one at a time (I'm not using Shoebox). I've finished the Géarthnuns-English side, but am only up to mid-D on the English-Géarthnuns side (well, I cheated and went for some of the easier ones like Q and X as well). To be sure, the tedium does set in on occasion, but it helps reinforce vocabulary in the memory, and I'm looking forward to the day when it will all be done and adding new entries will be a snap. There is also something strangely addictive about the whole process (oh, well maybe *one* more page before bed). If I recall correctly, you once said amman iar had about 20,000 items; thankfully, I decided to embark on this project before Géarthnuns got to that size. Kou