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Re: Non-linear / full-2d writing systems?

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Friday, May 13, 2005, 11:58
Simon Clarkstone wrote:

>>Sorta like your jigsaw puzzle idea, except that I think this would be >>present even without any attempt to obfuscate.
> I noticed this with the story someone attached to an earlier message > as an HTML table.
That was me.
> It has plot twists whatever order you read it in, > probably because it was more interconnected than most 1-D stories one > encounters (except stuff like Dirk Gently). This could be a natural > consequence of attempting to write an interesting story in 2-D.
I had no precise idea where I was going with this story. My 2dWS allowed me to add "sub-stories" inside the main story. That's why it became more twisted than anything I would have written directly as a linear text.
> (The > story would have been physically smaller if cross-refences could have > been indicated by lines.)
I'm still working on the visual aspect. HTML didn't allow us much fantasy. What I'd need is a kind of Tetris-like 2D text editor. ;-) I don't like the idea of connecting lines --There's always somebody who comes and says "lines are linear". ;-)-- but I also don't think we have much option to stack elements while reducing the wasted space. -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================